How it works

Simplest, fastest and easiest. Your destination is few steps ahead.

Buyer Seller

Find Desired Item

Find Desired Item
  • Select your Location.
  • Search for the category.
  • Choose your interest, product, service, deals or offers.

Contact the Seller

Contact Seller
  • Get in touch with seller via Email, mobile or website.
  • You can also contact the seller by ClickOB online messaging system (Visit your dashboard to view messages).

Meet the Seller & Make Transaction

Meet Seller
  • Make the deal done.
  • Get your desired and selected item.

Post Your Ads On Clickob

Post Ad Image
  • Select your category.
  • Add details.
  • Add images.
  • Select your Location.
  • Post your ad.

Wait For Buyer to Contact

Buyer Wait Image
  • Wait for a while.
  • Let the buyer contact you.

Meet the Buyer & Make Transaction

Buyer Meet Image
  • Make the deal done.
  • Get your profit.